the light waterfront, penang

For centuries, Penang history has been blessed with the arrival of many discoverers’ and merchant’s that contributed to its growth and prosperity.  In Penang’s modern history, it continued to be blessed with a continuum of growth from its relationship with the sea and embracing the things beyond the island.

Similarly in nature’s own way, a variety of natural elements are washed up from the sea such sand, silt, pebbles, sea shells, star fish, driftwood and maritime elements.  The natural elements washed up from sea gives the beaches its natural beauty which one appreciates from a beach experience.

The Light Collection Master Plan takes up this historical and ‘beach’ metaphor, reflecting the notion of a land filled with beautiful objects found fondly in our beaches.  Each object are naturally washed up from the sea and placed somewhat naturally and uniquely on the ground.  Each object is somewhat placed in a precarious manner but naturally juxtaposed.