The complexity associated with a hotel is taken to another level when the brief is for this singular building is to accommodate two: a 3-star and a 4-star hotel.

The appeal of designing a building that would form part of the city’s skyline also comes with the responsibility of ensuring it improves the streetscape at a pedestrian level. The design drove the creation of a new Melbourne laneway, and transformed what was a solid 20m street front into a permeable area creating more public space and adding to the intricate fabric that is characteristic of Melbourne’s City Centre.

These subtleties can be appreciated by the user, and we believe that the beauty behind Fabrik’s nature is the many ways in which it can be interpreted. The multi-faceted nature of Fabrik speaks to its ability to complement the many walks of life that pass through Melbourne, and in this way, Fabrik is inherently Melbourne. Not Melbourne in the sense that it is the landmark by which everyone remembers their experience, but merely a piece in the jigsaw that completes the puzzle that is the entirety of Melbourne city. From the booming business industry to the increasing tourism, from the growing magnitude of the city skyline tot he canvas that is the city’s laneways. 399 aims to bolster all of Melbourne in silent beauty.

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