Irymple Secondary College


Irymple Secondary College is undergoing a major refurbishment which will see the once old trade school transformed into a new and engaging environment for learning. The built work will transform the junior hub, senior school/science and administration into a more open planned layout to give students the ability to learn in a number of environments. The concept of the design makes use of the vernacular vineyards that are common in the area to adopt the arbour as a form of space making. The arbours are important to the project as they provide smaller spaces within the bigger learning environments. Pops of colours can be found throughout the school, making use of earthy tones to better ingrain the school into its landscape. Outdoor learning spaces have also been incorporated into the project to help assist with the transition between indoor and outdoor learning. Once completed the school will afford students with multiple learning spaces and opportunities to best suit the multiple types of pedagogy and challenging the standard isolated classroom.